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Tired of long commutes into your dull office? Is the burden of inflexible 9-5 taking it’s toll on you? Are formal memos keeping you from joy?
If the answer is yes to these, maybe you should work here.

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Open Position — Bookkeeper

Skybound is looking for a talented bookkeeper to help manage Sales Tax, Payroll, and other day-to-day bookkeeping tasks. Self-motivated, organized individuals will thrive in this roll. Tech driven individuals is an asset for this position.


  • Bookkeeping experience

  • Cloud bookkeeping software experience

  • Excel/Google Docs experience

  • Good attitude

Pending Position — Beginner Bookkeeper

Want to be a bookkeeper but don’t have any experience? We may be the perfect place for you. We know that experience comes from well…experience. Skybound will intermittently take on individuals looking to gain experience and get into the workforce. Whether you are in school for bookkeeping, or are just thinking about it, please feel free to apply.


  • A good attitude

  • Willingness to learn