Scott Easter - President - Lead Bookkeeper

Scott has been a bookkeeper for 6 Years after being educated at Fanshawe College in Business Accounting. Through the years he realized there was a need for forward-thinking, technology embracing bookkeepers who leverage technology to make business owners lives better, and easier. Scott founded Skybound Bookkeeping in 2015 and incorporated to Skybound Inc. at the beginning of 2019.

With four years of exclusively cloud-based bookkeeping, Skybound grew and a wider variety of businesses showed up. Finding solutions that fit each businesses need is a passion for Scott and has proven to make the paperless lives of businesses come to light.

Scott and his wife Megan, another Chatham entrepreneur, grew up in Chatham. Scott and Megan, along with the help of their dog Eddie both run businesses in Chatham that remotely reach all over Canada.

Though Scott’s job is a tech-driven, desk job, outside of this he enjoys gardening, walking the dog, excessively collecting house-plants, and the quest for a sustainable future.


Jessica Martin - Customer ORGANIZATIONAL Specialist

Jessica Martin went to school for Office Administration. She joined the Skybound team in April 2019 and quickly became the Customer Organization Specialist. If you mail in or drop off your documents, there is a one hundred percent chance Jessica was the one who organized and returned in a much cleaner way that you gave it to us.

Jessica also grew up in Chatham. Jessica is a mother of three awesome kids, and can usually be found doing something exciting with them and her husband Ben. Jessica is a passionate organizer, and keeps the administrative side of Skybound running efficiently and smoothly.



Eddie has been with Skybound since the beginning. He loves chasing squirrels, squeaky toys, balls, sticks. Though I could not train him to do bookkeeping (not without lack of trying), he does know several tricks and has mastered rolling over and playing dead. He also enjoys a good game of "Find the ball.” He can often be found underneath Scott’s desk keeping morale high.

I mean look at him. Do I really need to say anything else?